Health and fitness

Its more than just looking good naked, it is even more than just feeling good today. Yes, at the Vault, I’m looking to build strong functional bodies, helping all to feel their absolute best.

Let’s look deeper. Know this;

Bulky, soft, swollen, toned, ripped, skinny fat, defined, chiselled or poogie are all just terms describing one’s appearance from ones point of view. From one person to the next, opinion or judgement.
When we lift heavy, muscles become stronger, not necessarily bigger. If you eat more calories than your burning on a daily basis, you will get bigger. Puffy, swollen muscles require blood volume, so, many repetitions of the same or similar movement, consistently to maintain “the pump” is required along with supplements and a eating regime to aid in calorie surplus, muscle repair and adequate micronutrients to continue to get bigger or “BULK”

If you eat in a caloric deficit (clean foods) muscles become stronger, denser (acquire less space) which we refer to as “toned or defined”. Within this phase, we can gradually increase calorie intake and continue to make gradual progress by maintaining strength and increasing lean muscle mass (become denser).

Now each person has their own unique characteristics passed down to us by our parents (genes). This can be traced right back to what your ancestors may have practised, to then give in my case, that particular “Piper trait”, dominant triceps, forearms and for a short man lean legs.

My mother was European, her family and families before hers grew up in small village outside of Warsaw, Poland. Walking, long distance and carrying loads for long periods, where routine on a daily basis. In the winter months, I remember my mum telling stories of walking 5 plus kilometres to school in the snow, to go to town and to visit friends.

As an adult, mum was a very physical worker, coming to Australia to fulfill practical component for university in agriculture, with not a word of English under her belt. She would walk the hills/orchards of Batlow carrying a six-foot ladder, scaling to the top of trees, thinning apples, picking cherries and netting crops. Her work ethic was second to none, and clearly a trait passed down from her parents.

My mum (Teresa) was 5-foot-tall, had round distinct shoulders, small hands, strong forearms and a killer set of baby cows. I imagine my grandparents and the generation before them would carry similar traits, characterised by the world that was around them. We now are a spoilt generation, spoilt for choice, spoilt for transport and food, but generations beforehand all had their way of life, a set of skills and strengths which are characterised through us. So, as we build our own strengths and skills, consider why some things may be easy to us, and some a little harder.

We have a choice, to develop these skills, eat what we like, and go where we want to go, those before us did not have this, they had to hone skills to survive. As we become stronger and develop our weaknesses, change our shapes, our thoughts and experiences, take a moment and consider those from whom we are moulded
Stand tall, or short, be proud that your carrying your family’s heritage on your strong shoulders and the same goes, to drawing a picture for the generation to follow.

Tully Piper will have, dominant shoulders and long luscious legs (not her father’s trait) and when in the not so far future she kicks up into a handstand. Someone will notice be impressed not of her physical characteristics but the skills she is capable of and ask how, she’ll reply……. DAD!